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Bridgestone W01 Regen / Soft 165/630 R17 TL Rear wheel, M/C, NHS


Bridgestone W01 Regen / Soft 165/630 R17 TL Rear wheel, M/C, NHS

Bridgestone - Premium tyre manufacturer from Japan, top quality at premium-class prices.

Tyre type:
Tyre size
165/630 R17 TL Rear wheel, M/C, NHS 
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at the moment, this product is not in stock
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No need to fear a wet race weekend or a rainy trackday, enjoy it on Bridgestone’s Battlax Racing wet tryre!

Winner in the wet

Ride your bike on this and you're racing on the closest tyre you will ever get to where the technology comes from in the first place. Some would call it an unfair advantage. We call it the W01 .

Confident grip

W01 gives you the feedback and grip to feel totally confident at any lean angle even in the wettest conditions.

Superb drainage

Wet? What wet? You’ll wonder where the wet went when you race on W01. The groove drainage and pattern design channel water away from the contact patch faster than ever.

Top handling and precision

Optimization of rigidity between front and rear tyres gives ideal pattern deformation for top handling of today’s powerful race bikes.

Quicker warm-up

Bridgestone tests show that W01 will help you clock better average lap times and faster “best laps” than its predecessor, right from the start!

Brand Bridgestone
Tyre type Racing
Model W01 Regen / Soft
Dimension 165/630 R17 TL Rear wheel, M/C, NHS
Tyre width 165
Tyre profile 630
Construction type R
Tyre size 17
With/Without Valve (TT/TL) Tubeless
M/C Yes
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