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Summer Tyres

As the warmer months are approaching, you might want to think about getting your set of new summer tyres as early as possible to grab a chance to get your hands on early bird deals often available at tyre-guru.ie.

When Do You Need Summer Tyres?

Rule of thumb is to equip warm weather tyres as soon as the temperatures rise above 7°C. It’s not like your driving safety will deteriorate significantly if you’re still driving on winter or all season tyres in early spring, but you will definitively achieve less tyre wear, less rolling resistance, and much shorter braking distance on wet and dry roads, should you make a timely seasonal tyre switch. That is possible because summer tyres are designated to perform in warmer climates. First of all, their rubber compound is soft and contains sticky additives for an overall better grip in warmer conditions. But what gives summer tyres excellent properties in wet is the tread pattern. A typical summer tyre pattern would have shallow grooves and continuous ribs, resulting in faster water dispersion and therefore a better wet grip. This doesn’t serve only one purpose, of course. Slightly shallower tread depth provides for better contact with the road surface, ensuring optimal performance on dry roads, perfect for a long summer drive. Not to forget that you want to maintain a good tyre pressure if you’re keen on achieving good fuel efficiency.

There are a couple of reasons why it’s obviously better to get rid of your winter tyres and even all season tyres as soon as the weatherman announces warmer days. First of all, the rubber compound of winter tyres is designed for cold weather conditions and what happens to these tyres in temperatures above their limit is that they wear much faster than they’re supposed to. This means that come next winter, you might as well dispose of them completely. As far as all season tyres are concerned, their breaking performances will never surpass those of summer tyres. Various tests done by multiple tyre manufacturers have proven that.

Of course, the same goes the other way. As soon as the weather gets colder, summer tyres are drawing nearer and nearer to being borderline-useless. The rubber compound stiffens in temperatures below 7°C, making it harder to control the car or to break efficiently. Also, shallow tread makes it even harder to drive on snow or ice. That’s why it’s very important to know when to switch between winter and summer tyres.

Thankfully, whatever tyres you need, Tyre Guru has got you covered. We are offering products from premium tyres, value for money tyres, as well as budget tyres from an array of worldwide manufacturers in almost all tyre sizes. All of our tyres have an EU tyre label, so you’ll definitely know what you’re buying. We are constantly updating our prices in order to provide you with the best possible deals. To avoid damaging tyres or wheels while performing seasonal tyre changes, opt for buying seasonal wheels. You can choose to get them assembled at a fitting station closest to you. Once they’re assembled, they’ll be sent to the address of your choice. Welcome to Tyre Guru!

Prices include VAT and delivery within Ireland.