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Westlake Tyres

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Westlake tyres in every tyre size imaginable

We offer you such a huge range of Westlake tyres so that you will be able to find the right kinds of summer tyres or winter tyres at tyre-guru.ie online. Benefit from great deals on Westlake wheels for all weather conditions. These tyres stand out due to their excellent performance features, which include a high level of grip and much improved fuel efficiency. Find the right tyre for almost any occasion. Excellent handling no matter the conditions you're faced with is one of the main concerns of this company.

About the Westlake Tyre Company

This tyre company is owned by Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co. Ltd., the largest tyre manufacturer in all of China. The company was started in 1958 and has since been able to expand its global reach, thus turning into the 10th biggest manufacturer for automotive tyres worldwide. Over 4.25 billion US Dollars in sales have made this company what it is today. Of course, this tyre brand not only offers passenger car tyres. In addition, tyres for trucks, cars, motorcycles, ATVs, tractors, scooters, bicycles and many other types of vehicles are also part of the huge product range. In addition to Westlake, Goodride and Chaoyang are some of the other tyre brands that are owned by the same company.