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Uniroyal Tyres

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Uniroyal tyres for wet weather and all weather conditions

No matter what kinds of weather conditions you might be faced with, Uniroyal tyres, which are sold by giga-tyres.co.uk, are here to get the job done. Check out the rain tyre and winter tyres range. In particular, the Uniroyal Rainsport 3 has been immensely popular. Excellent handling characteristics are ensured even when you find yourself on tough, slippery surfaces. All of these ultra-high performance tyres come in various sizes. The low noise levels are almost soothing and Uniroyal wheels are known for their superb grip. What more could you ask for? If you buy at least two tyres, we might throw in free shipping. Keep in mind that these tyres are a rather economical choice, since they promise a high fuel economy.

Two Uniroyal brands

If you are interested in purchasing Uniroyal tyres, you should know that there are two separate tyre brands both called Uniroyal. For one, there is Uniroyal Inc., formerly known as the United States Rubber Company. Uniroyal Inc. is a US-American company, which is owned by Michelin. By contrast, Uniroyal is a Belgian tyre manufacturer, which is owned by Continental AG. As you can see, both of these companies are backed by some of the biggest tyre manufacturers in the world, wherefore you cannot go wrong either way.