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Triangle Tyres

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There are many names in the tyre manufacturing industry. Every manufacturer has a wide range of products catering consumers’ needs. Triangle tyre is the name that s working since 1976 and produces 40 million tyres annually. With Traingle tyres, you can achieve a balanced and stable ride in all circumstances. The brand offers a variety of tyres for passenger cars, SUVs, buses and off-road vehicles.

Enjoy Consistent Performance With Triangle Car Tyres

If you have been searching for a riding solution that might give you a consistent performance, Triangle tyres bring the right products for you. The Triangle car tyres encompass a wide variety. Some of the prominent products include the Snow Lion TR777. This one is a winter tyre with the unidirectional tread pattern. The pattern allows maximum water evacuation and results in an enhanced wet grip.

Triangle Sportex tyres come up as another exciting product. TH201 Sportex is a high-performance summer tyre that features an asymmetric tread pattern. Designed using high-quality rubber compound, the tyre results in a long-lasting pattern. TB515 is an off-road radial OTR tyre that gives an amazing endurance performance. It has a higher resistance to puncture that increases its durability and reliability.

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