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Sunny Car Tyres

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Sunny Tyres – Quality at Affordable Prices

South China Tire and Rubber Co. (SCTR), the makers of Sunny tyres, was founded in 1988 and have expanded to manufacturing in the Great Guangzhou area, churning out an average of 12 million sets of tyres a year. So if you are looking for car tyres that fit your driving needs, you can expect SCTR to have exactly the kind of Sunny tyres whatever your budget.

Sunny Tyres – Quality at Great Value

SCTR manufactures a full-spectrum of radial tyres to suit every driving need at very attractive prices. When you are looking for good handling on wet and dry surfaces, Sunny winter tyres have the deep and wide lateral grooves that provide grip and traction on snowy and slush roads. These Sunny tyres are made with advanced tread compound to enhance braking, and feature sipe designs to ensure traction on ice and snow. The sipes also facilitate water drainage and snow removal to reduce the risk of hydroplaning.

Sunny summer tyres display low rolling friction, good grip on wet and dry roads, and high mileage. If you are looking for great value tyres that perform comparably with established brands, Sunny tyres are top on the list.

Sunny Tyres at Prices You Can Afford

When you need reliable but cheap tyres for your SUV or off-road vehicle, there is plenty to choose from at Tyre Guru where shopping for tyres online has been made a lot easier. Here you enjoy a wide range of choices for Sunny tyres at prices that are easy on the pocket. Why buy expensive name brands when you can have quality and affordable tyres that perform on a comparable level?

Whether you are in the market for passenger car tyres, SUV tyres, van or offroad tyres, Sunny has the tyre just for you. Order Sunny tyres online from tyre-guru.ie today, enjoy great savings, and see the difference!