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The brand Sava has a colourful past. After it was founded in 1921 the company had different names. Before the collaboration with Goodyear in 1998 it was part of Semperit. Meanwhile, Goodyear has 100 percent of the Sava shares.

Sava tyres are made for cars, vans and lorries. They are characterized by a low price and long durability. It is said that around eight million tyres are sold annually. Although the range is not as wide-ranging as of other tyre brands, Sava tyres are available for all vehicle classes. There is, for example, the Eskimo S3 + for small and mid-range cars. The winter tyre has the snowflake symbol, which confirms its good performance on ice and snow. For larger vehicles Sava offer the s high performance tyre Eskimo HP, but there are all-season tyres available as well.

Order your new Sava tyres in the proper size which can be found in the car documents or on the side wall of your old tyres. After payment - either by bank transfer, credit card or Paypal - you will get the tyres within two to three business days.