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Roadstone Car Tyres

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About Roadstone

Roadstone is a popular tyre manufacturer that has renowned researchers and engineers generating new technologies and ideas to keep you safe and secure on all roads. You will find Roadstone tyres for passenger cars to suit winter and summer road conditions.

Roadstone Tyres and Features

The summer tyres offered by Roadstone are: CP661 and CP641; N 8000, 9000, 6000, 1000, 3000 and Blue Eco and Eurovis HP01 and Sport04. The Roadstone tyre you find on sale at Tirendo.co.uk is the CP661 tyre. The tyre features four straight grooves in the center that enhances wet braking performance and also repels water quickly. The lateral grooves have a wave type pattern that improves wet traction and offers the best water dispersal. The pitch variation is random to offer maximized noise performance. The winter tyres of Roadstone are: WinGuard 231, Sport, Ice, Snow G and win spike. The N7000, N5000 and CP672 are the all season tyres.

Roadstone Tyre Specifications

The Roadstone CP661 tyre comes suited for rim sizes 13 to 17 inches. The tyre specifications of 13 inch wheels are: 145/70 71T, 155/70 75T, 165/70 79T, 175/70 82T and 185/65 84T, which resembles tyre width/height, load and speed indexes respectively. The 14 inch wheels can be fitted with Roadstone tyres ranging from 155 to 205 width, 55 to 70 heights, 79 to 90 load indexes and H and T speed indexes.