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Nokian Car Tyres

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Nokian Tyres – The Mighty Force Under your Vehicle

All forces between the vehicle and the road are transmitted by the tyres. Nokian tyres have been ensuring your winter safety for more than 80 years.

Numerous innovations, dozens of patents, a constant renewal of the range and good results in magazine reviews every year are the best proof of premium quality and popularity among customers and dealers.

Outstanding driving safety with Nokian tyres

Nokian Tyres - in the Finnish homeland the company operates under the name Nokian Renkaat Oyj - is one of the most successful tyre manufacturers in Northern Europe. The manufacturer is based in the city of Nokia, which not only produces tyres for cars, but also for commercial vehicles, vans and forest machines. It is a specialist for products that are able to withstand the harsh weather conditions of Scandinavia.

The reputed Finnish car tyre maker has earned great respect for its ability to produce some of the most competitive cold weather tyres in the world. Nokian tyres are traditionally developed in Finland and tested beyond the Arctic Circle, on the maker’s famous 700-hectare test facility at Ivalo. The company also conducts research and development at other sites around the world, honing the warm-weather performance of its products.

Unsurprisingly, Nokian winter tyres, available also for Irish market, consistently perform superbly in comparative tests, which made them legendary, due to the years and years of innovations and hundreds of winter tyre patents. The Nokian WR D3 has achieved numerous test victories in recent years, greatly increasing the prestige of Nokian Tyres. The Nokian WR A3 focuses more strongly on the dry and wet grip, which makes it an excellent choice for performance cars. The new Nokian WR D4 has also enjoyed test success and comes with the distinction of being the world’s first A-rated winter tyre for wet grip.

The Scandinavian standard of excellence – Nokian tyres in Ireland

What is somewhat surprising nowadays is how far Nokian tyres have progressed beyond their traditional Nordic niche. Current Nokian summer tyres perform very convincingly indeed – the remarkable Nokian Line can boast of independent test success to rival its cold-weather stablemates. The sporty Nokian Line blends the brand’s focus on all-weather safety with great dynamic feel and sharp handling.

Nokian all-season tyres have recently joined the line-up, with impressive results. In 2015, the new Nokian Weatherproof has claimed victory in comparative tyre tests carried out by prestigious magazines such as ‘Auto Express’ and ‘Auto Zeitung’. This adds Nokian tyres to the exclusive list of best choices for year-round usability.

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