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Nexen Car Tyres

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Nexen tyres for impressive performance

Nexen tyres have been built for ‘next century’ driving, hence the name. Manufactured by the first Korean tyre company who has been producing quality tyres for the last 70 years, Nexen tyres come in a full range of ultra-high performance as well as family car and winter tyres; customers have 27 patterns and 200 sizes to choose from. Whether you are looking for quality construction, impressive performance or reliable handling, or a combination of features, Nexen tyres are bound to meet your driving requirements. 

Nexen’s car tyres are distributed in over 120 countries, and fitted as OEM (original equipment manufacturer) tyres for a number of vehicle manufacturers. This translates to a wealth of Nexen tyres to choose from whether you are keen on car tyre prices or quality.

Nexen tyres for stability and reliability on wet roads

Nexen tyres are built to use up fuel efficiently, create low noise for comfortable driving, and remove water fast even when driving on surfaces with standing water. Nexen winter tyres are specifically designed to make braking easy even in difficult conditions. Nexen Winguard SnowG, for instance, has 3 wide grooves to enhance traction on wet surfaces. 

N Blue Eco Nexen summer tyres perform well in fuel efficiency and carbon dioxide emission tests. The four wide grooves on these Nexen summer tyres are optimized for fast water removal to enhance grip performance on wet roads.

Hydroplaning is a very real, although often invisible, threat to drivers. Winguard and N Blue Eco car tyres are purposely engineered to prevent such accidents. 

The CP661 series of Nexen tyres also feature four wide straight grooves for excellent rain removal and anti-aquaplaning performance on wet surfaces. The center block makes cornering and handling stable, while the staring center rib allows responsive handling.

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