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Michelin Car Tyres

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Following the tradition of excellence, with Michelin tyres from Tyre Guru

History, credibility, success – Michelin is a brand that has it all. The company started life in 1889 as a humble rubber goods manufacturer. The First Michelin tyre design was patented in 1891, an innovative bicycle pneumatic tyre that could be reliably fitted without glueing. It rose to prominence with a victory in the world’s first long-distance cycling event, the famous Paris-Brest-Paris race.

Car tyres soon became the new trend, and the charismatic French maker has made a name for itself by setting trends for others to follow. 1934 saw the introduction of the world’s first run-flat tyre. Not impressed yet? Just after WW2, Michelin developed the modern radial tyre, a huge step forward in terms of performance and efficiency - and the reason why, regardless of brand, your car tyres bear the letter R (‘radial’) on the sidewall just before the rim size indication.

Michelin tyres – more desirable, more durable, more innovative

Sport tyres. Also, Porsche has chosen the Michelin Pilot Super Sport 2 for its awe-inspiring 918 Spyder hypercar.
Michelin tyres also provide class-leading performance, as well the brand’s legendary wear resistance. The new Michelin CrossClimate+ is an ideal solution for those who need an all-weather tyre with summer tyre-like performance in warm weather, and genuine cold weather abilities. For high-performance vehicles, the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus is an all-season tyre that keeps on giving throughout the year.

Dedicated Michelin summer tyres are plentiful and diverse. From the fuel efficient Michelin Energy Saver car tyres to the balanced Michelin Pimacy models and the dynamic Michelin Pilot Sport series, you are spoiled for choice. 4x4 tyres for crossovers, SUVs, and off-road vehicles are also available - see the excellent Michelin Latitude product line.

If cold weather tyres interest you, then have a look for the wide range of Michelin winter tyres. You cannot go wrong with the Michelin Alpin winter tyre range. Whatever you need, order your new Michelin tyres online from Tyre guru - and take advantage of the best tyre offers on the market!