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Matador Tyres

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Matador tyres come from Slovakia. Although the company exists since 1905, the first passenger car tyres were made much later. At that time, Matador was the OEM supplier for some car manufacturers in Czechoslovakia and has its headquarters still in Púchov - here is also a factory of Matador, which is also used by Continental for the production of truck tyres.

Between 1953 and 1990 the brand Matador disappeared, but now it has become a real export power in the country. This is certainly due to the acquisition by Continental a few years ago, which has greatly increased the quality of tyres being sold by this brand and has lead to a real revival of the Matador company.

Excellent performance characteristics

If you are looking for Matador winter tyres, the MP92 Sibir Snow comes into play. He convinced the ADAC 2014 in almost all criteria, but especially on dry and snowy roads. He is also very economical because of low wearout and low fuel consumption. For those who prefer all-season tyres Matador offers the Adhessa Evo MP 61.

This one and other Matator tyres are available in our tyre-guru.ie shop. In addition to the already low prices you can benefit from free shipping. As you can see, you will not have to compromise on either quality or price. After all, the Matador tyre selection that we bring you here is known for its excellent performance characteristics. Experience greater driving fun and safer handling on the road when you opt for these tyres and wheels.