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Kumho Car Tyres

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A tyre for all needs and budgets

If you are looking for OEM (original equipment manufacturer) tyres preferred by global car brands, look no further than the Kumho car tyres, made by one of the top 10 tyre companies in the world.

Established in 1960, Kumho tyres are fitted as factory standard on many famous car brands such as Hyundai, Holden, Mitsubishi, Kia, Ford and Mercedes-Benz. With a global presence across 180 countries, Kumho tyres offer a product catalogue that works for all driving needs and budgets.

Luxury Edition Kumho tyres for Prestige Cars

Kumho manufactures tyres for a variety of driving applications: Whether for eco, performance, prestige or touring cars, you can expect Kumho tyres to meet your driving requirements. Kumho’s Ecowing series are ideal for fuel-conscious motorists, saving them fuel by 5.5% compared to previous models.

For drivers looking for performance on their car tyres, the Ecsta series are engineered from advanced silica compounds to maximize traction for winning performance. Kumho tyres have been built on a solid foundation of Kumho’s race-proven technology, and the Ecsta series is your tyre of choice for tight cornering and responsive handling. The Kumho Ecsta LE Sport KU39 summer tyres come highly recommended for this application.

Kumho tyres for Touring and Winter Driving

A wide range of Kumho tyres are made available for touring applications to provide customers a blend of comfortable ride, low noise, reliable traction and long service life. Low-profile tyres are perfectly suited to fit modern touring sedans without compromising crisp handling and year-round traction.

For winter driving, Kumho WinterCraft WP51 promises optimized performance at low temperatures and on snowy road. Featuring lateral grooves for improved water displacement, this series of Kumho winter tyres provides drivers with maximized handling and optimal braking performance.

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