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Fulda Car Tyres

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The high standards of Fulda tyres

Germany has one of the most challenging tyre markets in the world, and it’s fitting that the renowned European tyre brand has been developed in the city of Fulda where tyres have been rolled off the factory floor since 1906.

Building on the German reputation for precise engineering, Fulda tyres have been designed with high quality and affordability in mind. These qualities were born out of the need to provide tyres for the local market that will perform in a range of driving conditions and extremes of climate. The result is a product catalogue that upholds the highest standards of tyre production that has seen success in 28 different countries across Europe.

Get value for money with Fulda tyres 

Fulda car tyres are the product of more than a century of tyre design that focuses on combining high quality with great value. Utilizing the company’s “Smart Move” concept, the most-up-to-date of Fulda tyres deliver optimum balance, all-weather control, and value for money. 

For high-powered driving, Carat Exelero summer tyres provide unmatched reliability. This means reliable handling and better braking in wet surfaces, resulting in shorter breaking distances. The Carat Exelero series of Fulda tyres also reduce noise emissions for a quieter and more comfortable journey.

Fulda tyres for Economy and Winter Driving

For the perfect mix of fuel efficiency, balance of performance and mileage, go for Fulda EcoControl HP. This series of Fulda tyres ensure shorter wet or dry braking, and lower fuel consumption for higher mileage.

If you are looking for high-performance Fulda winter tyre that will withstand even the harshest of winter conditions, the Kristall Control HP series delivers. The Kristall Montero 3 winter tyre, uses a special polymer that remains flexible even at low temperatures so optimal performance is achieved in extremely cold conditions. This feature is central to making Fulda tyres the winter tyre of choice of drivers looking for excellent traction on snow, superb grip at low temperatures, and optimized all-around performance.

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