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Federal Car Tyres

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Get Federal Tyres at Affordable Prices Shopping at Tyre Guru

Tyres are part and parcel of any car. If you need to replace your car tyres, then opt for Federal Tyres. You will find a wide variety of tyres for different car brands when you shop at tyre-guru.ie.

About Federal Tyres

The Federal Corporation is one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the world. It started its tyre manufacturing business in 1954 and has its headquarters in the Zhongli District in Taoyuan City, Taiwan. The company operates its businesses in the name of Federal Group that includes real estate divisions, two tire manufacturing units and marketing. The Federal tyres are the most popular tyre brand of the Federal group that is targeted for the global market. The company produced its first tyre in 1958 and started exporting tyres in 1965. The tyres are widely known in the US, Japan, Australia and Ireland.

Types of Federal Tyres

The company offers great performing and highly reliable tyres at reasonable prices. The tyres come in a wide variety of types, namely: ultra high performance tyres, passenger tyres, SUV and 4x4 tyres, extreme performance tyres. Finding a tyre that suits your car will not be a problem when you shop for Federal Tyre online. The passenger car tyre types include: competition summer, high performance summer, touring summer and winter and ultra high performance summer tyres.

General Specifications of Federal Tyres

  • The summer tyres by Federal comprises of competition summer, ultra high performance summer, touring summer and high performance summer tyres.
  • The popular ones in the summer tyre category are the Formoza AZ01, Formoza GIO, Formoza FD2, SS range tyres. Formoza AZ01 ranges from 15” to 18” rim sizes, 165 to 245 tyre widths and 45 to 60 profiles. These tyres offer very good wet grip, excellent performance on city and highways and 70 to 73 dB low noise levels. The EU labelling ratings are as follows: C to G for fuel efficiency and B to E for wet grip.
  • The Federal HIMALAYA WS2 and Federal HIMALAYA WS2 –SL are the popular winter tyres manufactured by Federal. The tyre width ranges from 195 to 235, the profile ranges from 50 to 65 and the rim size is from 15” to 17”. The HIMALAYA WS2 maintains the EU tyre labelling standards. Its fuel efficiency rating is F, the wet grip rating is F and the noise levels is between 72 and 76 dB.

Buying Federal Tyres

If you are looking to buy quality tyres from Federal at affordable prices and sometimes even at discount prices, then you need to shop for Federal online at Tyre Guru. You will find all the different kinds of passenger car tyres online to meet your car tyre needs. No matter you need a summer tyre, or a better gripping winter tyre, you can easily find the Federal tyres online. These tyres from Federal offer great stability, high end performance, better turning grip on the road and is ideal for both city as well as highway long rides. The driving and passenger comfort is given utmost importance when manufacturing these tyres.