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Falken Car Tyres

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Falken tyres for all road conditions

Building on cutting-edge Japanese technology, Falken tyres are engineered for safety, handling and performance in all road conditions. Whether for passenger cars, 4WDs or motorsports vehicles, Falken tyres deliver a wide range of ultra-high performance radials to choose from at affordable prices.

Falken tyres built from racing DNA

Falken tyres have been time-tested off-road, on the street, and on the racetrack. Therefore they deliver performance that is beyond expectation every time. This is why Falken tyres are the first tyres of choice for motorsports: They are specifically built for ultra-high performance. One fine example is the Falken Ziex ZE310 Ecorun that has been bred from “racing DNA.” It’s a high-tech tyre for the road, featuring increased contact area for maximum traction and excellent grip. This gives drivers absolute vehicle control on all road conditions and at all speeds. With a profile blended from carbon (from racing) and polymers (for sportiness), high-performing Falken tyres reduce the risk of aquaplaning when driving on wet conditions. 

Every Day Driving Using Falken tyres

For every day driving where high speed stability and good safety performance are expected, Falken offer a range of products to choose from: summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Whatever you select, you can expect excellent wet grip, dry handling and roll resistance. Whether driving to work or weekend trips, Falken car tyres make driving a pleasure without sacrificing comfort or compromising safety. 

High-end applications such as those for luxury cars benefit from superb directional stability, roll resistance and maximum road grip. Utilizing the most cutting-edge tyre technology first developed in Japan, Falken tyres have become synonymous with optimal driving comfort and affordability, a business philosophy that has helped the company become a global leader in tyre brands with major presence in North America and South Africa.

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