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The brand Dunlop was created in 1888 with the registration of a patent for bicycle tyres. Like long ago the corporate headquarters in stil in Hanau, Germany, but the tyres of Goodyear Dunlop Tires Germany are produced in other . German cities as well for being sold across Europe.

Dunlop tyres have always been very innovative, such as the early 1960s. Shortly before the company had discovered aquaplaning and then researched tyres to prevent this dangerous situations. Some years later, Dunlop placed a steel belted tyre on the market. For a long time Dunlop tyres were used in the motorsport series DTM. This benefited not only the drivers but also the customers, because the track experience influenced the development of road tyres.

Sturdy tyres by Dunlop

Dunlop offers summer and winter tyres for motorcycles, cars, vans, lorries, coaches and industrial machinery. For motorists, the all-season tyre SP 4All Seasons completes the product range. It has the snowflake symbol making it a reliable companion on snowy winter days.

You'll get this and other Dunlop tyres at very competitive prices in the online store of tyre-guru.ie They are available for almost all vehicle classes in many sizes. So make sure that your choosing the correct tyres for the perfect fit. Once these tyres have been correctly mounted to your car, you can count on excellent performance features, such as very good grip and great traction even on slippery roads. If you would like, you can even purchase fuel-efficient tyres in order to lower your fuel consumption and save even more money in the process. Dunlop has got you covered from A to Z.