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Dayton Tyres

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At tyre-guru.ie, you can find a budget-friendly alternative to Bridgestone tyres. After all, Dayton tyres are offered by the very same brand. From Dayton D800M to D320 tyres, there are lots of tyre options for you to choose from that offer great dependability.

Of course, we offer the right tyre size for your vehicle. Either contact us or use the handy tyre configurator to find your perfect wheels for summer or winter conditions. This affordable passenger car wheel choice not only offers affordable prices, but good performance in wet weather as well. If you are looking for entry-level wheels that will not cost you a small fortune, these wheels might just be for you.

Affordable tyres, solid performance

In addition to the abovementioned features, Dayton car tyres also feature a special tread pattern for even better handling and traction.. Thanks to the solid grip, your safety on wet roads is ensured, too. From R13 to R19, all that you are left to do is choose your correct tyre size. If you are looking for touring tyres that are known for their long service life, these wheels will also fit the bill. However, keep in mind that you should not exceed Dayton’s maximum top speed recommendation so as to not put your safety at risk.