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Continental Tyres - one of the leading tyre companies

Continental is one of the world's largest tyre companies. It was established in 1871 as Continental Caoutchouc and Gutta Percha Compagnie. Hanover in Germany is still the company's headquarters. Continental produced hard and soft rubber products such as balls and waterproof clothing first and bicycle tyres a little later. Post-millennial there Continental tyres for passenger cars were available as well.

In 1904, Continental put the first air tyre with a tread on the market - a milestone in tyre history. Then, as now, the group invested a lot of time and money in the research and development of tyres - the basis for the continued success of the company. In 2007, the Hanover production site was closed. In other countries, it also came to decommissioning. Meanwhile there is a news factory in Hanover concentrating on retreading Continental tyres.

Explore the Continental tyre range

The Continental Group own other brands as well such as Uniroyal, Semperit, Barum and Matador, but they are partially categorized in different price segments than the Continental brand which is a high standard one to come at a price. Nevertheless, everyone can afford Continental tyres because tyre-guru.ie has favourable prices. Order your tyres cheap with free shipping. Simply select the desired size and read the test reports about the strengths of the products to find the exact tyre that will meet your needs.

Most of the tyres that are available here are known as high-performance tyres that will keep you safe no matter the road and weather conditions. We bring you a huge selection of all-season, summer and winter tyres for all kinds of different vehicles, some of which are even known for their long running life. If you are looking for environmentally and fuel efficient tyres, you will not be disappointed either.