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Barum tyres by Continental

The tyre brand Barum is located in the Czech Republic and has been part of the famous Continental AG since 1993. The company's headquarters in Otrokovice is not only production site of Barum tyres but also for those from Uniroyal and Continental. Barum was actually a union of several rubber and shoe manufacturers at the end of the Second World War. Meanwhile high-quality summer and winter tyres are offered for different vehicle segments. As such, Barum is quickly gaining international recognition, while the tyres that this company produces are nevertheless available at affordable prices.

Award-winning tyres

The Barum Polaris 3 and Snovanis 2 are car and van tyres with good qualities on ice and snow as the ADAC confirmed in a test in 2013. The good ratings regarding wear out and fuel consumption are gratifying as well because for many motorists economic efficiency is as important as safety. The safety of the Polaris 5 is particularly good on snowy roads as the German car magazine "Auto Bild" judged. From their excellent grip to their low noise levels, there are several reasons why you might like to consider purchasing these tyres for your passenger car.

Barum tyres are well recommended and therefore belong to the range of tyre-guru.ie. Here you will get the products to competitive prices with free shipping - so you can save twice. If you have no possibiliy to bring the tyres to a car repair shop for changing, choose its address for delivery. As you are choosing the tyres that you wish to order, please make sure that these wheels are compatible with your car to make for perfect fit.