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Avon tyres - loved by Irish customers

The tyre brand Avon is named after a British river, where the company Avon Rubber had its headquarters after the founding more than 100 years ago. Meanwhile, it is located in Melksham. A few decades ago Formula 1 cars were equipped with Avon tyres, because the company is familiar with racing tyres.

They were offered already in the 1950s and the British Formula 3 still runs on tyres of this brand, which is now manufactured and sold by the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company. The lessons learned in motorsport have influence on the development of road tyres.

Different types of Avon wheels

Avon offers tyres for cars, SUVs, vans and motorcycles. The car tyres are available in three categories: high performance, premium and premium special tyres like the CR85, wherefore you should be able to find the tyres that you are looking for. The low-profile tyre is complemented by another winter tyres like the Ice Touring ST or the RangerIce for SUVs. Of course, there are Avon tyres for the summer as well and this season puts high requirements on tyres, because the sun is not always shining.

In rainy weather aquaplaning is a danger and grip must be guaranteed even on wet roads. Not even a problem for the Avon ZV7, which is rated on the EU tyre label in wet grip class A - as good as it gets. From their performance to their handling and fuel efficiency features, these tyres are in a class of their own, which makes them one of the absolute customer favourites that we stock for you. Keep in mind that not all of these tyres will fit your car, wherefore you should purchase the right kinds of Avon wheels.